First of all, let’s understand how screen-printing works. It requires a screen or a stencil to apply the print on the surface of the item that needs to be printed.

  1. The most important part is that you need to apply a new layer each time you want to add a new color. As each of them are applied separately, it makes it easier for it to be more precise.
  2. If you need a great number of items to be printed then most likely screen-printing is the best option for you as it works well with a big amount especially in terms of the price.
  3. Screen-printing provides brighter and more vivid colors which is hard to get with other techniques.
  4. Its cost effective if you order a large number of items as the set-up costs are the same for all the amounts. In the end, you pay less for each item when ordering many.
  5. You can work with a large variety of inks such as: plastisol ink, water-based ink, discharge ink, special effects ink. Each of them has a special reason and place to be used. You will need to do some research.
  6. Different surfaces and materials are suitable for screen printing such as: textiles, ceramics, wood, paper, glass, metal, and plastic.
  7. Screen printing is known to have a long-lasting effect as the vibrant colors it creates stay unchanged through years.

Besides all this, please, pay attention to the fact that the colors may appear slightly different on the item rather than when its on the screen and it may be a bit expensive when it comes to choosing multiple colors.

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