Roll labels are a great way to have your product customized using your logo or another branding element. As they come in a wide variety of materials and are pretty cost efficient their usage is becoming more and more common. This means that the usage of roll labels easily fits in many situations and can be perfect for different products. Let’s explore the advantages you will get when using roll labels

  • They are easily dispensed and distributed.
  • You can easily add notes on them and personalize at the same time.
  • They are available in different materials, shape, sizes and paint options.

Another advantage of roll labels is that they can be used in a wide range of situations. You can use them for:

  • Adding your logo or other branding ingredients on your product packaging.
  • As a way to stay in touch with the customer during giveaways. (Lifehack: Add your QR code to be found easier).
  • Add them on flyers as an extra piece of information when you have a networking conference or an important event coming up.

If you ended up thinking that roll labels are what you need, here are some roll label types that you can choose from.

Writable roll labels – If you offer a kind of product which may need some note added up on the label, such as- date, code, name etc., writable labels will help you personalize your product without losing the impressive look of your product.

Matt roll labels – Matt labels give an aesthetic and elegant look to the product package. Besides, they can also easily be written on by a pen or a marker without harming the aesthetics.

Foil roll labels – Foil elements usually give a luxurious look to label and packaging designs. It’s also possible to customize them, so just consider this option.

Paper roll labels – One of the most practical ways to have your label printed and to be able to easily give it away.

Clear roll labels – If you want to have a transparent look and your product to be seen behind the label, this is the right option for you.


 It doesn’t matter which of the above-mentioned types you prefer, just make sure that a strong adhesive and good print is used for your label.

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