Although choosing a suitable label shape for your product may cause a lot of burden, it doesn’t stop being one of the most important design steps. It’s a lot of work. You may need to apply and remove it a couple of times till you get what you imagined it would look like. Luckily there are some tips and tricks that will help you choose the best-fitting label for your product.

Just before choosing the label shape, pay attention to the shape of the bottle, information structure, packaging and the amount of text you need to have on the label.

Below, see some more details about specific label shapes.

Rectangle Labels

One of the advantages that rectangle labels have is that they effortlessly fit almost any container such as bottle, bag or jar. They are good for bottled beverages, packed sweets, cosmetics, care products etc.

Rectangle labels are best for your product if,

  • You want to have your main information separated from secondary information using wrap-around labels.
  • You have an elongated container.

Square Labels

Square labels are great when you try to create a modern-looking product and if

  • Your logo contains a lot of information and includes border.
  • If you want to separate information.
  • You are searching for pricing/ID label.

Circle Labels

Circle labels look great especially with circular containers. They work well with envelope seals, warnings and cosmetics packaging. Very often, manufacturers use a round label on the lid of the container where they place the logo and a wrap-around one for the rest of information. Use circle labels if,

  • You have a cylindrical container.
  • You have a simple and small logo.
  • You want your product to have an aesthetic appearance.
  • You have a curved-surface container.

Arched Labels

 These mostly look good with bottled products such as beverages (especially wine), soap, cosmetics products. Choose arched labels if,

  • You want to create a premium looking label,
  • You want it to be unique.
  • You have a vertical image or logo.
  • You want to show creativity.
  • You want a bonus area for most important piece of information.

Be Careful!

If you are a manufacturer or a designer and cannot make up your mind on the shape of your label, make sure you do a lot of research. Take into consideration everything starting from the bottle size and shape till the design of the logo. At the same time, let your creativity out. Feel free to try new things out and bring innovations to the market. Good luck!

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