Each brand tries to create a label that will differ from the rest in the market. To have such result, designers do their utmost and visualize exceptional labels. Its commonly believed that the visualization of the label is the most important part. Some probably believe that it is where the journey of creating something magnificent ends. That’s a lie! Another factor that is as important as the visualization is the quality of the material. Depending on different spheres, manufacturers have to choose between different materials that would suit their product best.

One of the industries causing struggle is the production of the kind of products that contain oil. Those may be:

  • Care and cosmetics products,
  • Food that contains oil.

In case of choosing a wrong material for these product labels, you will most probably end up having peeled off labels or a part of the text may be removed.

What is the solution to this?

A good solution for such cases can be the usage of polymeric materials (also know us “vinyl”). They are in common use because they are water as well as oil and chemical resistant. These characteristics make them suitable for a list of products.

Polymeric materials are used for care and cosmetics brand. They perform pretty well but an extra print protection would also be great. For this, you can also add hot foil stamping and have a perfect label.

In food production, matt labels are known to be used most often. Its connected with the high-quality impression that such labels tend to create. However, such labels must have an extra protection layer such as UV protection varnish because they can easily be harmed by water and oil.

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