Wide format printers are a type of digital printing which are larger in their size and used in different spheres of usage. Its invitation in the market was a great help in producing extra-large stickers, billboards, wrapping paper etc.

Of course, large format printing allows you to show your product off in a memorable and eye-catching manner but there are some details you will need to pay attention to. For instance, depending on where you will need to use the printed product, you will need to talk to experts before doing the final design as the DPIs need to be considerably taken into account.

Materials for large format printing for stickers:

  • Large Format Laminated White Vinyl which is great for smooth and clean surfaces.
  • Large Format High Tack Laminated White Vinyl are well known for their ability to stick on hard-to-stick surfaces.
  • Large Format Laminated Reflective Vinyl looks glossy at daytime and glows at night creating visibility.
  • Large Format Wall Graphic Material is popular for its easiness to be applied and removed without causing any harm.
  • Large Format Laminated Clear Vinyl works well with smooth and clean surfaces both indoors and outdoors.

These stickers can be applied on Banners, signs, vehicle etc. and will have a long life if they are chosen and applied correctly.

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