Every country has certain regularities connected with labeling of a certain product. Besides the importance of the information it can also concern the adhesive type, the paper type and where the label shall be placed. Let’s discuss one of the labeling processes that starts with the stage of grading. Grading is used to establish the quality of the product depending on different aspects. It depends on the product and its commodity and includes information about the flavor, aroma, texture, color, moisture, size, maturity, firmness, shape, cleanliness, density, clarity, fat content, condition of the food, as well as different types of defects of the product.

Grades are used to make sure that the consumers are provided with the quality they want, to avoid fraud and adulteration, to provide trades between countries, and establish contracts as well as support the product in marketing its product.

All this information is expressed on a label that is called grade label which highlights or states the quality of the products. Grade labels can be in a form of a sticker, a letter, a mark or a symbol. The quality of the label can be classified differently according to the industry.

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