The visual is important and its not only about labels. Almost every action is a result of sales and eyes have an important role in that. So, to make sure your product is one of the best-looking ones on the shelf, you need to give much effort to its design. Labels usually have the same type of design that includes a nice-looking typography and probably well-chosen colors but deposed labels aren’t commonly met which makes them a good go.

Apart from being creative, they are also easy to work with as applying ink to the design of the label isn’t difficult. How it works is that the die is pressed into the card. It resembles the process of foiling but in this case, we have more pressure and no foil.

Things you shall know when planning a debossed label

  • Don’t choose dark or shady colors as the deposed parts will look cloudy.
  • Make sure you have chosen the heaviest possible texture for the label.
  • Start with creating vector files as then its easier to see what the label will look like in any size.

Deposed label can be created in combination with hot foil printing and offset printing to create an even more outstanding look for your product.

If you think that deposing isn’t something you need for your product feel free to do more research to find out which finishing suits your brand the  most.

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