16. Don Senderson- Humble Sea Brewing Co. + Cellarmaker Brewing Co.

Be sure to choose a beer can label that stays true to your brand image. Whether that will include the colors, logos, or slogans associated with your brand is up to you, but you want to make sure that your customers will easily associate the beer with you.

17. New New – The Rare Barrel

The opposite of creating a sleek and simple label is creating one that is a showstopper, which The Rare Barrel succeeded at. Make sure that it exemplifies class and taste, but otherwise, go all out with your beer labels if that’s what your brand stands for. The glittery labels on these beers is sure to make anyone want to have a party.

18. Rise – Outer Range Brewing Co.

Not only is the label on this beer can absolutely stunning, but it completely follows the image of the brand as well. Outer Range Brewing Co., is based in Colorado, and all of its beer cans feature outdoor scenes one can only find in the mountainous state.

19. Chene Cerise/Chene Peche – Our Mutual Friend Brewing Co.

The sleek, clear bottles and the old cartoon design on the labels is what made these beers from Our Mutual Friend Brewing Co., stand out from the rest. The labels induced nostalgia, whereas the clear design of the bottles was simple yet memorable. This is another feature that you should seek to accomplish when you design your own brand labels.

20. Hemingway- Commonwealth Brewing Co.

Last, but most certainly not least is this beer can from Commonwealth Brewing Co. The owner wanted a label that looks exactly like beer taste, and what resulted was this stunning, light blue design.

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