11. Sea For Yourself- Vitamin Sea Brewing

A play on words is a certified way to make your beer labels memorable to your audience. With the Sea For Yourself label, Vitamin Sea Brewing played on the nautical motif, using a stunning design and catchy slogan to make their beer labels captivate their audience.

12. F–k 2020- Abomination Brewing

2020 was a difficult year for all of us. Using this common experience on their beer can label was a great decision on behalf of Abomination Brewing. You can also choose an event or experience that brings people together. Remember, common experiences are some of the best ways to make people bond. That could most certainly be put to use on your company’s label.

13. Remedy – Housatonic River Brewing

The stunning scenery on this beer label will make anyone want to pack up their car and go on a roadtrip. Try to choose a label for your beer that will inspire positive feelings in anyone. Although not everyone can go camping right now, we all can grab a can of beer – which is what you should be inspiring in your potential customers, too.

14. Shorts – Shacksbury Cider

The cute artwork on these beer cans was simple yet memorable. You can also choose to use smaller beer cans for your customers’ convenience. This is proof that you don’t need to go crazy when designing your beer can labels; even something simple and to the point is just right.

15. Rat-A-Tat – Bearded Iris Brewing

A sleek black design is sometimes all you need to stand out from the crowd. The matte black label used by Bearded Iris Brewing is what gave it a spot on our list. Using matte labels, in general, makes your product look sleek, elegant, and sophisticated, providing your brand with a professional impression.

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