Whether you want to add foil, specialty inks, texturized papers, or anything else to make your product labels more special, the most important thing to realize is that creating an eye-catching and captivating label for your product is the best thing you can do to set yourself apart from competitors.

When ordering your label, you will be able to choose between a wide variety of different textures, designs, and finishes to make the label unique and stand out. Here are some of the best embellishment and finishing effects that you should consider using for your label rolls.

1. Luxury Gold

The special color pigments of the luxury gold design provide your labels with a glittery effect, which can be the perfect choice for cosmetics, alcoholic drinks, or anything else that needs to be given a sense of ‘luxury’. Over a dark background, the luxury gold effect looks like gold glitter, and over a light background, it provides the label with a white, pearly effect.

2. Sunlight Ink

A label with sunlight ink can prove to be a unique embellishment that will set your business’ label apart from others. The part of the label printed in sunlight ink will not be visible until taken out in the sunlight, which can be great for a beach or summertime-theme product.

3. Lamination Film

Using a glossy or matte lamination film for your labels is another great finishing that can make the label eye-catching. Many companies will also provide unique laminations, so be sure to discuss these options when placing an order. Another great quality of adding lamination besides the captivating effect is that it can provide a layer of protection to the label.

4. Scratch-Off Ink

Similar to lottery tickets, scratch-off ink can make your product stand out. If you’re providing customers with a discount, reward, or prize, it may be worth including scratch-off ink on your labels.

5. Glow-In-The-Dark

Who doesn’t love a label that glows in the dark? This can provide a fun effect for businesses developing products for children or for limited-edition releases. This can be used to highlight special areas of the design, or there can be hidden elements for customers to see in the dark on the label.

6. Foiling

Quality, luxury, light- all of this can be communicated using a foiling embellishment. There are many different colors and effects available for foiling, including silver, bronze, black, gold, and holographic. You can also order custom foiling options for your labels. This embellishment is perfect for any labels that need high-quality and striking detail.

7. Metallic Ink

Metallic ink is similar to foiling, but it does not have as much of a reflective surface. You can make any product from your company stand out with metallic ink on the label. It is possible to customize the color scheme and more to make your vision become a reality.

8. Flood Coating

Giving the label extra protection can be accomplished using matte or satin finishing. Not only will this make the label look more aesthetically-pleasing, but it also will prevent the label from getting scratched up and damaged as it is being shipped and transported.

9. Thermochromic Ink

This type of ink changes color when exposed to different temperature settings. You can choose to use this ink on the label to emphasize hidden elements for customers, such as information on when the product will be ready to use. In addition to that, you can choose between different colors for the ink.

10. Textured Coatings

Ever run your hand across a label only to enjoy the texturized effect? Having a texturized coating on your labels can provide the exact effect for your customers, too. This makes the label look and feel slightly raised, giving the label a unique appearance. People may choose to use this label in order to emphasize contrasting coatings on the label.

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